Jarvis Coal LLC
JC #1 Mine
Hymera Indiana
These pictures, taken in late December 2007, show the JC#1 mine as work was just begining.  The pit was already open, but benches and berms had to be put into place and the ramps had to be put in.

JC#1 Pit  Loading 777

Here is a Caterpillar 777C end dump hauling material from the pit to the haul road that leads to the coal yard.  Material dug from the pit is used to make a solid, smooth haul road so that the large trucks can get the raw coal to the coal yard where it can be crushed.
Haul Road Repair

The rock and dirt is removed from above the coal and hauled out of the way with the Caterpillar 777C end dumps.  Komatsu articulating trucks have also been used at the Hymera mine.  
Removing Overburden  Haul Trucks  Haul Trucks in Pit  Articulating Trucks

These pictures show the exposed coal being cleaned so that it can be loaded out of the pit.  Jarvis coal is using a Komatsu excavator, and a Cat 992 loader to mine the coal.  
Cleaning Coal 1  Cleaning Coal 2
Cleaning Coal 3

The coal is hauled to the coal yard where it is crushed and then loaded onto trucks to be shipped to our customers.  We are using a Cat 980 loader with on-board scales to load the coal trucks.  
Coal Yard 1  Coal yard 2
Coal yard 3